How to enhance your workflow with Microsoft Teams essential plugins


Enhance your workflow with Microsoft Teams essential plugins

1. Polly

Image of Polly logo

Create quick polls and surveys to gather feedback from your team.

  • Features:

    • Easy-to-create polls with multiple-choice or open-ended questions
    • Real-time results and analytics
    • Anonymous responses for honest feedback
  • Link: https://polly.ai/

2. Asana

Image of Asana logo

Organize tasks, projects, and deadlines within Microsoft Teams.

3. Trello


Collaborate on projects using Trello’s drag-and-drop cards and boards.

4. GitHub

Image of GitHub logo

Integrate GitHub issues and pull requests into Microsoft Teams.

  • Features:

    • View and manage issues directly from Teams
    • Receive notifications for GitHub activity
    • Collaborate on code reviews within Teams
  • Link: https://github.com/team

5. Karma

Image of Karma logo

Acknowledge and appreciate your team members’ contributions.

  • Features:

    • Give and receive kudos for positive actions
    • Track individual and team recognition
    • Boost team morale and engagement
  • Link: https://karmabot.chat/ms

6. ScrumGenius

Image of ScrumGenius logo

Manage Scrum projects effectively using ScrumGenius’s comprehensive tools.

7. Zoom

Image of Zoom logo

Host high-quality video meetings and webinars directly from Microsoft Teams.

8. Typeform

Image of Typeform logo

Create and share engaging forms within Microsoft Teams to gather feedback and information.

9. Microsoft Flow

Microsoft flow

Automate tasks and workflows to streamline your team’s processes.

By incorporating these productivity plugins into your Microsoft Teams workspace, you can enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and boost overall team efficiency.